Balinese Ancient Beauty

We are support ancient Indonesian healing art by creating our own fresh recipes of time tested ritual and remedies We use local ingredient with the height quality and benefit. Proudly we offer some treatment bellow :

Herbal Healing Facial

An excelent face treatment for nourish and enlightening the face by using herbal ingredient like Cocumber, aloevera, lime, hony combine with face pressure point and scalp massage

  45 minutes
   120 K

Candle Nut Body Scrub and Massage

The Candle Nut has a soft and oily consistency which make it a wonderful scrub. while it combine with a massage it draw out impurities promot smooth and radiant skin. suitable for dry and mature skins.

  45 minutes
   120 K

Balinese Coffe Scrub

An Scrub and massage combination using original Balinese coffee is an ancient Balinese treatment to reduce body odor and temporary reduction cellulite.

  45 minutes
   120 K

Arm and Scalp Massage

This is highly effective therapy to relieve tension in the neck, shoulder and head due to computer work.

  45 minutes
   120 K

Beyond Healing: Integrative Therapies for Body, Mind and Spirit

About Ketut

Born into a holy priest family, local Balinese I Ketut Yoga has been on the path to become a healer all his life.As a self-confessed creative soul, Ketut knew at five years old that he was an artist. At twelve, he could carve Ganesha from stone. Presently, in his free time he enjoys playing traditional Balinese Gamelan, and has been playing for almost 30 years.

“Artistic talent melts to everything you do. ” - Ketut.

An artist is a healer. Merging the spirit of the imaginative with the physical world of form, to integrate these energies and create a masterpiece. For Ketut, your body is the masterpiece. His art is healing.

This creative, intuitive ability from a young age led him to deepen his understanding of the spiritual and physical body, to inspire health and wellness for all people.

His Balinese elders emphasised spiritual healing above all else. His Western teachers focused on the physical body. As he continued his practice and study later in life, Ketut came to the realisation that blending East and West is where holistic health is truly found. His passion for yoga and massage led him to dive deeper into the energetics of spiritual and physical therapies; studying, teaching and working internationally, as well as on his home Island. As Ketut says, ‘The body consists of matter and energy.” As a certified pranic healer, he blends this energetic technique to his acupuncture therapies, massage sessions and yoga classes.

His offering is unique. There are many amazing and intriguing healing modalities on this Island, and in Ubud in particular - known to be the yoga and spiritual mecca of South East Asia. His style is bred from the fusion of traditional techniques, energetic exploration and innovations in physical therapy. Take a look at his experience to see his repertoire of skill, and his offerings of therapies.

Experience and Certification

Massage Therapist: 2002 to present

Thai, Chinese meridian, manual lymphatic drainage, prenatal, reflexology, acupressure, and myofascial release, Balinese massage.
- At Como Shambhala Estate
- Private bookings around Bali

Became Traditional Balinese Priest: 2011 to present

Ayurvedic Assistant Doctor: 2014 to 2016
- At Como Shambhala Estate

Yoga and Meditation Teacher: 2015 to present

Graduated from 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Panmana Ashram in South India.

Teaching Traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Style, and Various Meditation Techniques at:

- Como Shambhala Estate (Internationally and in Ubud, Bali).
- Radiantly Alive Yoga.
- Kamandalu Resort Ubud.

Pranic Healer: Graduated 2017

- Studied with Pranic Healing, Denpasar, Bali.

International Experience - Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist.

- In the Maldives: 2008 to 2011
- In the Caribbean and Manhattan, New York: 2012 to 2014


Healing Massage

More than a regular massage, Ketut utilises his experience in many techniques to create a personally tailored massage therapy for you. Ketut will work with you to determine what your body most needs. Drawing from traditional Bali massage techniques, energetic healing modalities and many forms of western therapies, this is a full body hands-on massage. The focus is integration; by manipulating the physical body in various pressures and techniques, following the myofacial and energetic lines to create balance and invite flow back to the body for healing to occur. For relaxation, rejuvenation, physical release, sore muscles, fatigue, and any physical or emotional ailment you may be experiencing.

  60 minutes
   500 K

Thai Massage

This popular South East Asian technique is often referred to as ‘Thai Yoga Massage’. This ancient healing system involves acupressure, energetic principles of body manipulation and assisted yoga postures. The body is taken through a series of compression, pulling, stretching and rocking motions in order to realign and reintegrate the body. The effect is loosening the physical frame of the muscles and joints, as well as directing energy flow to return the body to balance. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, as this massage uses no oil or direct skin contact.

  60 minutes
     250 K

Chakra Healing

A Chakra is an energetic center within the body, which correlates to various physiological and neurological systems of your physical being. The vibrational resonance of a chakra is an indication of the health of body systems - from internal processes like organ function to immune health and emotional fluctuations. The main 7 chakras are seen as the most vital for holistic health, and when one is out of balance or vibrating at low energy, this can be experienced as physical, mental and emotional depletion and discomfort. This energetic healing session aims to find any imbalance in your 7 chakra centers, and then works to raise the vibrational frequency. Ketut will conduct a full body scan, and then work with no touch where your body needs it. Rather than manipulating the physical body, it is like a massage for your energetic body.

  30 minutes
    250 K

Yoga Privates / Meditation

Currently, Ketut teaches classes in Ubud at Radiantly Alive, Como Shambhala and Kamandalu Resort.

If you would like a local experience of yoga and meditation with a Balinese (you are in Bali, after all!), than Ketut’s knowledge and experience lend him to be one of the most sought after local teachers in Bali. He is available (upon request and subject to schedule) for teaching private classes to individuals and groups, as well as on retreats. He offers private classes in studio at Argasoka Bungalow, and also offers sessions at your private villa. Open to all levels of yoga and meditation experience. Contact Ketut for more information for these private classes.

Ketut offers all of his therapies and yoga sessions either in your private villa space, or at his Monkey Forest Rd location in Argasoka Bungalows.

  60 minutes
    350 K

Pranic Acupuncture

This is Ketut’s hallmark treatment. His past experience and studies have led him to this point of fusing the wisdom of East and West to form this integrative therapy. Prana is a Sanskrit word translating to ‘life force’. Pranic healing is based on the fundamental principle that the body has an intuitive self-healing mechanism. Pranic healing is no touch healing. Working on the vibrational energy of the body (similar to chakra healing). The principle of Pranic Healing is that physical ailments and illness first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura (energetic) body, before resulting in physical discomfort. Whether you are experiencing illness already, or perhaps fatigue or low energy, this technique will be of benefit to you.

Ketut begins with systematically observing the body’s pranic vibration, determining any imbalance and in effect, diagnosing the areas and energy centers which may be experiencing imbalance. He then blends this energetic healing principle with Acupuncture, the Chinese system of physical healing which works directly with what is referred to as ‘Chi’ in Chinese (another word for Prana). Ketut will use needle penetration in the body in the traditional Acupuncture method, and will then transfer energy from the needle through to the body. This is where the energetic healing of the pranic body becomes more potent from this unique therapy. For trauma clearing, general imbalance, or physical ailments such as headache, digestive discomfort, stress related disease, immune depletion, and circulatory problems (among others).

  60 minutes
   500 K


Peter Caughey

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist
"I first had body work from Yoga Ketut in 2013 at Como Parrot Cay Resort & Spa in the Caribbean. I found Yoga to be kind, attentive and skillful in his treatments. I have had Shiatsu massage, Ayurvedic massage and Deep tissue massage treatments from Yoga and he is excellent and confident in all of these modalities. I believe one of Yoga’s greatest gifts is his ability to stay present while treating people and I enjoyed having treatments from him."

James Mattingley

Yoga teacher and Trainings Facilitator
"I've been receiving treatments from Yoga Ketut for almost three years now - he has an incredibly gifted touch. His ability to connect, diagnose and release areas of stuck energy and tension is incredible. Having worked with many bodyworkers and therapists, I can honestly say Yoga is the real deal."

Mesi Toth

Yoga Teacher and Therapist
Yoga teacher and Trainings Facilitator "Yoga has a great technique and a deep sense of intuition how and what to apply person to person. His touch is healing and his massage sessions always help me rebalance my energy level and mood."

Shae Lamond

Yoga Teacher and Writer
“As a yoga teacher myself, I found Ketut’s teaching to be of a high level and it is obvious that he draws not only from his extensive training, but a sense of intuition. His healing touch is expressed in his voice when he teaches and I feel a sense of stillness and calm in his gentle and thoughtful guidance. I’ve also had many healing sessions with Ketut, and his massage is incredible. He has such an intuitive feel for the body, and I am in complete bliss after a session always!”

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